Privacy Disclaimer

Every visitor of the website can visit the website freely and can consult the information available about our products and our company without being asked to provide its personal data. Only for the use of specific services available on this website, this data shall be asked to be communicated to us. This provided data will be treated by the company in accordance with the legal requirements concerning the handling and collection of personal data. This data will be stored in a secured environment which will not be accessable to others than members of Lolalilie. The data will furthermore only be used for internal usages, which can be summarised as use of data in order to set up an optimal customer relationship which should result in the best optimal service to offer by us. Lolalilie will under no circumstances disclose personal information to third parties. By providing his personal data, the customer gives his explicit consent that Lolalilie can process these to the above descriped purposes.
The customer may at any time request that his personal data from the customer file should be deleted. This can only be done by submission of a written request to We reserve the right to adjust our privacy policy from time to time.

Nothing of this site can be copied or used without a written permission of the company Lolalilie.

Do you want to consult, correct or complete your data? Do you have other questions with regard to your data? You can contact us in the following manners:

By post: send your question by post to Lolalilie, Odegemstraat 110, 8310 Assebroek.

By email: send your question to

Please note that we need proof of your identity in order to answer your question. You can deliver this proof by attaching a copy or a scan of your identity document to your email. We will only use this copy or scan to determine whether you are indeed the data subject whose personal data are processed, or a parent or guardian for data subjects younger than 16. As soon as we both are satisfied with the answer to your question, we will destroy the copy or scan.

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