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Home made

This is a page where all fun ideas and creations meet up. Did you create something cool?
Send us a photo, may'be your entry will appear on this site.
Do not forget to visit this page again for new ideas!
You can sent your entries to


Mandala by Verleye lucrece

PMMA diffusers 70 cm

Crochet Christmas tree by Ann Dewulf

The handmade mice for the cats by vzw Azura

These mice are available at (these are made on request)

made with open rings 37.5 cm

Christmas star mandala with lights by Ann Dewulf

Mandala by Annemie Quintelier

diameter 90cm uncoated open frame

Mandala's by Ann VN

2x mandala size 100 cm (open frame uncoated)
Xmas mandala with mix of frames (from 6,5cm until 30cm open frames uncoated)

Lamp shade repair by Ria Markenhof

usings white Chintz lampshade foil and white Chintztape

Mandala by Patricia De Baene

open frame 100 cm uncoated

Outdoor Lamp Shades

by Mabel Orellana
set rings white coated diameter 60 and 70 cm

2 mandala's by Sua De Neef

mounted on an uncoated frame diameter 85cm and 100cm

Mandala by Brigit van Gorp

mounted on an uncoated frame diameter 100cm

Mandala by Marianne Puype

Mounted on a uncoated frame diameter 110cm

Mandala Amazing Graze van Dawn Mcintyre

open frame 80cm, created by Katelijne Broeckhoven

Mandalas by Lieve Bonny

open frames uncoated size 80cm (2pc) and 35cm

Xmas lights on a open ring

Other succesfull use of an open lampshade ring
Open ring 70cm white coated 
By Mrs. M. Deroeck

Created by Hilde Moens

created by Kavida De Creamer


Created by Sara Muyshondt

Lamp shade diameter 70 cm finished with "open Diffuser 70/60"

Created by Line Goossens
Cross frame 70cm + Open Diffuser 70/60 + white line + Crystal clear Aslan lamp shade foil + Transparant adhesive tape

Lamp shade diameter 100 cm with inner shade diameter 80 cm and a diffuser polyprolyleen 80cm

Made by customer Allan Braamse
All components are available in our shop

2 livingroom lamp shade diameter 70cm

by Herman D'Hondt
Lamp shade components of Lolalilie

Lampshade - kopie

by Inge Demol


by Inge Demol

Round pillow

by Ann Van Moerbeke
Fabric by Amy Butler - Delhi Blooms
with cover buttons and green piping 


Magnetic board

by Kavida De Creamer
Fabric by Suzanne Ultman - Tree and Critters panel
Magnetic board "Ikea"


Mouth masks

Made with the following fabric from our catalogue: "Chimes Linen" (front) and "Tiny Gingham in Nite" (back)
The ribbons are made from our biais in blue 20mm.

Room at B&B

Wall shades 23cm and hanging lamp shade round 35cm with transparant Aslan foil and red linne
(kits and fabric available in our shop)

Black French drum lamp shade on wooden foot (ash)

all items above are available in our shop

  • DIY kit french drum shade (T15/B40/H25)
  • Ashen foot round
  • Black line

Personalised T-shirt

An orignal present is sometimes very easy to make!
See our Flock foil for more details and colours

DIY Birthday workshop jewelry

Birthday workshop DIY jewelry and other fun little items to make
all items are available in our shop
It is so easy that you can organise the workshop yourself

Oval lamshade animated with birds

DIY lamp shade kit oval 60x30cm
Fabrick "Shot Cottons Aqua
Vinyl film turquoise (birds)

Cupcake Dress from La Maison Victor

Fabric "Spring Sampler Petal Pink" (see our fabrics in our shop)
Pattern: La Maison Victor Spring 2014

envelope with folds - kopie

by Lolalilie

Dress Antoinette

Scouting bag

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