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Lolalilie Webshop

Specialized in lamp shade components & complete kits
and other DIY articles with fabrics.

Yes, we ship all over the world (Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, ...)

We accept other currencies than Euros when you pay using Paypal. Please mention this in your order.

Little Xmas winter Break !

Our shipping department will take / is taking a break.
No  shipping possible between 20th of December 2023 and 2nd of January 2024.

Contact questions and placing orders remains possible!
We wish them and you a nice break (holiday)!

Everything that is ordered "and" paid prior to this period will be shipped by the latest on the 21st  of December, sooner when possible!

Metal rings for decorative projects (mandalas, flowers, ...)

A special group of articles in our shop
Metal rings for decorative ends like mandalas, macramé and other creative projects
See the subcategory of "Cool DIY" for these items

Below are pictures of some realized mandala projects of our customers:
The result is amazing Superbe!


Decorate your wine and champaign glasses with a wine-glas-ring with a cover button

We have the rings in two metals: Silver or Brass

  • Or you make them yourself, see links below for our DIY kits or components (great fun to do with kids)
  • Or acquire them already made by us for you - sets of 6pc  (was great fun for us :-))

Decorate your table with a wine glass filled with a thee light and a causy wine glass shade (see "DIY Kits with lampshade foil")

Make your own "EOY celebration jewelry" with our DIY jewelry (see subcatalog "DIY jewelry")

Lolalilie Webshop = 100 % online = shop open = shop local

Although we are not physical shop to visit but 100% online, you can visit us by making an appointment. We are always open for business.
We continue shipping around the world until our service providers stop shipping.

Our popular DIY items

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