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We at Lolalilie welcome you to our DIY webshop

In addition to our colourful and / or theme rich series "Fabrics", you can also find articles that can complement your fabric or complete your sewing project. Our "Haberdashery" contains various items that serve this purpose.

We seek not only the world around for fabrics that have that extra, but also for articles that provide another application to your chosen fabrics, that are fun to do and especially possible to do it yourself. For this, we invite you to look at the our subheadings "Cool DIY".
Meanwhile we turned into the Belgian (and neighbouring countries) specialist shop for “lampshade making”. You can buy now complete kits, or complete sets, or make your own sets, procure a design lampfoot  or find the component you were missing to complete your lampshade project.

Our section "Books and patterns" can offer alternative projects and ideas to do with sewing fabrics.

Do not you know what to give, then perhaps our "Gift Certificates" will offer the solution. They are valid for the purchase of any item in our webstore.

Questions and suggestions are always welcome. Our contact page is at your disposal. We ship all over Belgium and rest of Europe, pick up is from Bruges. B2B is always possible, but for big deals, we would appreciate that you would contact us first.

When and why should I register?

You can always register when you want but you will asked to do so when you want to register or during confirmation step of your order.

The data from the registration enable us to offer you an optimal service in processing your order to a happy end. This data will only be known between the parties involved (you and us) and shall not serve for the benefit of third parties.

 The E-mail address that you have registered is used as your login name but also as the address to where all communication via E-mail is sent.

How can I change my login email account (= contact email account)?

Your login email account is besides your login name also the account to where Lolalilie will communicate things related to your order, such as statussen like confirmation, paid,sent, etc. and other important news.

In case that your current email account is not valid anymore or you want to replace the address with one other, please contact us via the contact page of this website ( with the current email account you want to change and off course the new email account your account with us should respond. We will change the account for you. Your password will not change unless you want to.This latter action can be done by you without any help from us.


How can I place an order?

On each detail page of an article there is quantity entry field which is filled in with the minimum quantity and  an "add" button. When clicking on this button, the quantity entered in the box will be written away to your basket. At any time you can see how many items you already have chosen and what the total amount is. When you want to transmit your purchase to us, you go to your shopping cart where you can check the content. You register yourself by logging in on your account or you create an account. Once you have entered the details of shipment and other data (vouchers), you confirm the order. Inside 24 hours after your order was transmitted, you will receive a confirmation email from us with the necessary payment instructions. Once paid, the articles will be sent or can be picked up. The prices of the articles are prices including VAT and excluding shipping costs.

How can I change my order? (Adding or removing items)

As long your order is not shipped, you can contact us via our contact page or writing us a mail at with the change you want to do. This instead of creating a new order.
When contacting us, please mention the name of person you placed the order on, the order number and of course the items you want to change; that is the article and the quantity.
We will send you immediately after the update a new order confirmation wherein you can find the updated payment instructions (new amount or the remaining open summ).
When your order has the status of shipped, then it is too late and you will have to create a new order.


How can I follow up my order and how can I view my order history?

Information concerning current Orders
You have have 2 ways of being informed about the status of your current order(s).
The first way is by logging in on your account on the website and clicking on "account". this will lead to your address details and also to your orders. When choosing orders (by clicking on the word), you will see all your orders and also the status of each order. Each order can be displayed in detail again by clicking on the magnifying glass at the end of each order info line.
The second way is the service Lolalilie is providing you. Every status change of your order will be communicated by a mail in which the new current status is mentioned and also the next step that will occur.  

Information concerning old orders
All your orders are kept and saved on your account and will always be displayable via your account. To view them, you need to log in and go to your account overview. When choosing "orders" you will see all your orders and the current status of them. Each order can be displayed in detail again by clicking on the magnifying glass at the end of each order info line.

I have made an order but until now, I haven't received a confirmation!

We confirm every order within the 24 hours!

The time of time, our confirmation is considered spam and therefore will end up in your folder spam or unwanted mails. Please check this folder in order to retrieve our communication.
Once you have considered us as trustworthy, future mails will be received in your normal inbox.

Should you nevertheless still not found our mail, please write to us this problem and we will resend you the confirmation from a back up account. You can contact us using our contact page of our site or by mailing to

Is "a feel and look at" possible for the fabrics and other articles of the Lolalilie webshop?

For the time being it is not possible to drop by and look/feel the articles since we are in the first place a online shop. Nevertheless there will be a lot of opportunities to do so during the fairs we participate at and during the visits of sewing clubs. Besides those feel/look at's, you will also have the possibility to buy.

The fairs and club visits will be made public in due time before they will happen in our special spot "Events" of our website (right corner page). If you are a member of a sewing club yourself, please do not hesitate to contact us for organising a visit.

How can I benefit from a discount code?

During the check out of your shopping basket, you will have te possibility to enter a discount code in the appropriate box. Immediate after entering your discount will be picked up and calculated in the price.

When are think you have a valid discount code but it is not picked up by the system, please fill the code in the text box "additionele information concerning my order". During the confirmation of your order, we will verify your request and will respond to you the outcome alongside with the paying instructions of your order.

Supplementory Kit discount on fabrics?

It is possible we grant you a extra discount on an other material when you buy a specific article from our shop. This discount cannot be granted seperately.
Example given is a lampshade kit. We grant you a discount of x% on one fabric you would buy alongside the kit. This discount is valid on the complete quantity you buy of this one fabric and therefore can be more than you need for a shade. If you buy 2 kits, you  can buy 2 fabrics with a discount of x%. Discounts are never cumulative and the highest discount counts.
The discount will be deducted during the confirmation of your order by Lolalilie and will be visible for you once this is done.

How can I enjoy a Lolalilie gift certificate?

During the check out of your shopping basket, you will be given the opportunity to enter the number or code in the entry box "discount code". Our system will recognize your code and will deduct the amount your gift certifiicate stands for from the total amount. Please take into account that you can cash it in when total amount before entry is bigger than the value of your voucher and that you can only use it one time.

Should you posses several gift certificates, please enter the others there code or number in the text box where you can enter "additional information concerning your order". Together with the confirmation of your order where you will find back the payment instructions, we will deduct the extra certificates if they are still valid.

How can I pay my order?

Our payment method is a bank transfer. We, at Lolalilie, will send you once you have transmitted your order a confirmation of your order, via E-mail, together with the payment instructions. We will ask you to transfer the total amount, mentioned on the email, within the 7 days of confirming your order, on the following account:
731-0251191-33 (IBAN: BE79 7310 2511 9133, BIC: KREDBEBB). Do not forget to mention your order number you are paying on the transfer.
Orders which get to the age of 10 days and still not paid, will loose their reservation on the articles and will be cancelled. We will ship alongside the goods a clearence document of payment. An invoice will always be made up for B2B or by request (during the check out of your shopping basket requested) provided that the invoice amount exceeds 15 Euro (including VAT).

Please, keep in mind that we will only ship the goods when the money is transferred to our account and that your transfer can take a couple of days depending the banks involved.

Can I pay in an other currency than the Euro? Yes, you can ...

We are aware that it not alway possible to do a bank transfer in Euro when this in not your currency or that the cost is very high when doing so.

For these cases, we allow payments using Paypall in your local currency or in Euro (latter is preferred)
Please take into account that this can only be done when asked explicitly by the customer and approved by Lolalilie. Also the cost of the transaction is at the cost of the customer, meaning that the total amount to be paid will be updated with the cost of the paypall transaction. BUT this is much lower than what a bank would charge. Our paypall account will be communicated in our confirmation of the order (when relevant).

The goods are shipped when the amount is registered on our paypall account!

How do we ship and what is the cost?

Once we have received your payment, we will ship your order. For the payment and as for the shipping, you will receive a confirmation. Standard way, we will try as much as possible to send our products by form of a letter, in an envelope, using the service of BPost. Results in the fact that you do not need to be at home to receive your articles. If the entire order or the articles cannot be shipped with a letter due to the weight or the dimensions, your order will be shipped as a package. If you are not home when the package is offered, you will find a message in your mailbox with instructions how you can pick up your package at their local office (standard procedure courier company).

Both ways of transmission are not insured. If you want to insure your shipment (up to 500 euro), please enter this desire in the text field "Additional info about my order" when completing your order. In our confirmation of your order, we will let you know what the additional cost for this insurance is. 

If you want to send your order to an alternative address, please enter this address when completing your order. This address will be added to your customer account as delivery address too so it may be re-elected when ordering again in the future.

Shipping charges
All prices of our articles are VAT included but the shipping costs are excluded. The shipping costs are calculated and charged depending on the weight or size and destination. The shipping costs are always VAT included.

Once you have chosen your order to be sent to you and the shipping address was confirmed, the shipping costs will appear on your statement during check out procedure of your order. You can and still may decide not to continue with your order. Until the next and final confirmation, t.i. procurement of the articles, your order will be communicated to us. The minimum shipping costs are € 3,93 for Belgium (stamps non-normalized letter + envelop).

In case there are more than one way to ship, we will chose the cheapest method among the different couriers we work with and between the types of package (e.g. non-standard letter versus package).

Due to the fact that some of our product have special weights, size and non-fold conditions, it is difficult to calculate the exact shipping cost. If the shipping cost would differ (+/-) than initialy calculated during your order creation, we will correct the cost for you in our order confirmation mail and add a comment in the chapter "remarks" in that mail.

Track & trace is only possible if your order will be sent as a package. In the mailed shipping notification you will find a link and your package number.

Registered mail is possible but involves an extra cost of  € 9.90, and conditions your shipment as package. If this is desired, this should be communicated in the text field at the confirmation of your order.

We ship not to every country, but all EU member states are in scope (and the other European countries) and some non-European countries. If you can choose your country during the registration, we will ship to you.
If your country is missing, choose the closest country to you and mentioned it in text of your order.

Shipping charges:
--> at order creation, this is a technical calculated shipping cost but not final
--> at confirmation by us, this is the final cost.

  • When pick up is chosen as shipment type, no shipping charged.
  • Standard shipping by envelop or package 
    • Belgium: starting from 3,93 euro until 12,50 euro
    • Non-EU: starting from 6 euro until 25,00 euro
  • Shipping Cost ** 99 euro **
    • indicator that there is an article in your order that can not be shipped with standard shipping methods.
    • Rings sized greater than 100cm are not accepted anymore by most package courier service providers (BPost, DPD, PostNL, ...)
    • Alternative solutions
      • Pick up in Bruges (B, all days) or in Tilburg (NL, only 1 day a month) - shipping free of charge
      • Somebody we know is in the neighbourhood - shipping cost between 7,50 en 25 euro (de"pending where and order quantity) 
      • Not possible to ship
--> please do not hesitate to order big rings, we will do our best to find a solutions to get them at your place

We work currently with the following courier service companies:
  • DPD
  • BPost
  • PostNL
  • DHL (non-standard packages)

How do you follow the shipment of your order?

Shipping via envelop

Shipping via a package

Track & trace is only possible if your order will be sent as a package. In the mailed shipping notification you will find a link and your package number.


Is pickup possible?

Since we are primarily an online store, you should "make an appointment" for pickup. Collection is only possible only on specific days, namely Tuesday or Thursday. A proposal for the appointment can be made via the text field "additional information regarding my order" that is at your disposal when completing your order. Alongside the confirmation of your order, we will also confirm your appointment if it is or not possible with a counter proposal by date and time. Unpaid but ordered items will not be taken from stock, nor be ready and no goods are sold on credit.  Collection address is located at 8310 Assebroek Bruges and the address will be communicated in the confirmation letter with the payment. For pickup, no shipping will be charged.

Can I return or exchange goods?

You can return and / or exchange your order. In order to do so there must be some conditions be met: the return must be done no later than seven days after delivery, when it concerns fabrics, the ordered length must at least 50 cm per fabric, when it concerns patterns, the original packaging may not have been opened. Before initiating the return, on has to let us know via the contact page on our website that you want to returns a specific order (number of order). We will respond with further instructions where these (return) may be shipped to. We are not responsible for the cost of return or wrong delivery of the products. When you wait longer than 30 days (starting from goods receipt date) to return the goods, we have the right to refuse the return.

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