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Set of 100 twisted cords with box, 120 mm long, mix white & black

€ 7,00 / 100 pc

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Set includes 100 Twisted cords with box 

Number of barbs: one barb per piece

There is a splint pin on the end of each cord which is inserted into the plastic box. 
This provides a durable link, which you must cut to separate.

Open length: 120 mm
Color: black
Application: They are very well-suited for attaching labels or cards to your product.
Thickness: 1 mm
Quantity: 50pc white & 50pc black

Extra info:

Lock fasteners (also known as security loops) enable you to securely fasten cards, labels and other objects to your product.
This type of security loop is a permanent fastening,

The advantage of security loops is that they can be fastened by hand, so they are also very user-friendly.

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