Chintz lamp shade foil -150 cm - white pvc - ketchup red

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This foil is already covered with a red Chintz fabric on the outside and on the inside there is a white pvc layer that protects the shade against the heat of the lamp. 

The foil is removable from the fabric thanks to the removable glue.
This way you can strip the foil in order to use the free fabric to curl around the frames when you do not want to use fabric tape to finish the shade. For this you can use our transparant doublesided heat-resistant tape.

If you want to finish you shade with fabric tape, we sell the same color of this tape in widths 16mm and 19mm, see Chintz tapes for more info.

For the seam, you can do it with fabric tape or stripping the foil and using transparant tape.

This item is sold per 25cm,
when you would to order 1 meter, please enter "4" as quantity! 

Composition (75% VI + 25% PA) + 100% PVC
Width: 150 cm
Composition: 100% PVC
Color: red
Application: Flexible for little lampshades (heavy fabrics) but extra strong for big lampshades (all fabrics)
Thickness: 0,35 mm
Style: basic - plain
Special feature: removable glue (foil can be stripped of from fabric)

Extra info and tip

The list below with the measurement of the perimeters can help you in calculating the quantities of these components to order, such as the aslan foil.

Round rings:
- frame 20 cm diameter  =   62,80 cm perimeter
- frame 25 cm diameter  =   78,50 cm perimeter
- frame 30 cm diameter  =   94,20 cm perimeter
- frame 35 cm diameter  = 109,90 cm perimeter
- frame 40 cm diameter  = 125,60 cm perimeter
- frame 50 cm diameter  = 157,00 cm perimeter

Square/rectangle rings:
- frame 20x20 cm =   80 cm perimeter
- frame 35x35 cm = 140 cm perimeter
- frame 20x40 cm = 120 cm perimeter
- frame 30x50 cm = 140 cm perimeter

These measurements are the visable perimeter measurements, without taking into account the seam!

Take into account if you work with Chintz tape, you do need extra foil for the seam. If you work with the transparant tape, you need approx. 3 cm extra foil.

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