Gift certificates

Are you looking for an original present, may'be our artistic "gift certificates" can finalize your search and offer you a doublefold gift. On the one side, the certificate itself is a creation of Lolailie (surprise) and on the other side, one can procure wathever they can find on our site for the value of the certificate.

When you wish to buy a gift certificate for an amount that is not available looking at the certificates offered, please purchase the combination of the available values in order to achieve the desired amount. When confirming the order, please mention to us in the info text box that the desired gift certificate should represent the total value, that is you wish one certificate for the total amount.

Exemple: You wish a git certificate of 60 euro. You choose 1x article certificate 10 euro and 1x article certificate 50 euro. You mention that you wish one certificate for the total amount during the confirmation of your order.

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