Complete DIY Lampshade Kits ยป Luxury DIY kits (DIY Shade + wooden lampholder)

See our 3 ultimate complete DIY kits:
the DIY lampshade kit that matches best with ours unique wooden lampholders (included the wooden lampholder)

The gift for a marriage, house-warming-up party or for a birthday or anniversary 

These kits contain the following:

  • a wooden lampholder (3-footer/cross/round)
  • a complete DIY kit lampshade
  • a discount for a fabric to your choice or a discount voucher for a fabric (inclusive shipping when shipped later on)
Extra detail info can be read on the individual items pages in our catalogue (wooden lampholders, DIY kits lampshade, fabrics)
Are you interested in a kit other than our standards displayed below, please contact us via our contact page and we will assemble it for you.

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