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DIY kit lampshade round Ø 90 cm

€ 76,20 / kit

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Kit consists of:

  • Set of 2 white coated lampshade round frames diameter 90 cm
    • Frame with cross whose fitting depth is 4 cm (E27)
    • Open frame
  • Aslan foil white: 1 piece measuring 286 cm on 60 cm
  • 1 tape 0,9 cm (10m, tranparant, self adhesive and heat-resistant)
  • 1 spatula
  • 20 clothespins
  • A with pictures illustrated manual "how to make lampshades"

All components above can be ordered separately in our shop.

Ring shape: round with diameter 90 cm
Composition: galvanized steel
Color: white
Application: Rings are applicable for standing as hanging lampshades (turning the rings upside down)
Thickness wire: 3,4 mm
Coating: white epoxy
Shipping: Standard

Extra info:

We have for this diameter also the diffusers/blenders available in stock (reduce glare light source) 

Other Aslan foil types can be request with an extra charge. Please enter in the info-text box (last step order process) wich foil you would like to have in your kit (other than white). We change your order in the background and will confirm you order updated. Size Aslan foil is 286 cm on 60 cm.

  • Shiny gold: + 20,00 Euro
  • Matt gold: + 16,00 Euro
  • Shiny silver: + 21,00 Euro
  • Double sided white: + 10,00 Euro
  • Transparant: + 1,00 Euro
  • Crystal clear: + 1,00 Euro
  • Taupe: + 16,00 Euro
  • Metallico: + 38,00 Euro

These kits is shipped as standard package. When you would order more than 2 kit or alongside something else, it is possible that the shipping cost will be changed during the confirmation of your order. Off course we do our best to minimize this cost.

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