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€ 4,79 / meter

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For almost all fabrics, raffia, cardboard and, at lower temperatures, also for leather.

Width: 45 cm
Application: For fast and perfect appliqués on shirts, blouses, waistcoats and other articles of clothing, for imaginative wall hangings, blankets, table sets etc. as well as for handicrafts.
Washing Instructions 60°  Tumble Dry Low


Draw the motif on the smooth (paper) side of the Vliesofix/Bondaweb.
Cut out roughly.
Place with the rough side on the wrong side of the fabric.
Press for 5 seconds without steam.
Cut the motif out precisely, remove tracing paper.
With the coated side down place in position.
With a damp cloth lightly iron each area for about 10 seconds. Iron setting: Wool / Cotton.
Zigzag edges to finish.
Allow the pieces to cool flat for about 20 minutes, so that the adhesive can set properly.

We strongly recommend that you attach a small piece of interfacing to a fabric remnant with your iron first to make sure that the hold and the adhesion meet your expectations.

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