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magnetic sheets self-adhesive

Format A4

€ 4,60 / sheet

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The A4 magnetic sheet with self-adhesive side can be cut to the desired size and lends itself to hanging up larger objects that require an increased adhesive force.

Color: black, grey
Application: for professional and hobby purposes

Extra info:

The magnetic sheet consists of strontium ferrite and flexible plastic.
The backside is self-adhesive.


  • The peel-off foil is coated, so use a waterproof pen for outlining.
  • You can easily cut the sheet to the desired size with regular scissors or a utility knife.
  • Glue the cut-out sheet on the timer, press against it - done.
  • Now you can attach the timer to any metal surface - and quickly remove it again.
  • The self-adhesive magnetic sheet is not a suitable surface for magnets. They would demagnetise the sheet.

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