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Set rings hexacon 30cm (coated)

€ 9,00 / set

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Set consists of 2 hexacon rings:

  • Ring with cross whose fitting depth is 4 cm (E27)
  • Open ring
  • Size 30 cm (length bottom leg to top leg)
Diffusers of light blenders are also available for this shape/size.

Ring shape: Hexacon with 1Xcm legs (equal)
Composition: galvanized steel
Application: Rings are applicable for standing as hanging lampshades (turning the rings upside down)
Thickness wire: 3,25 mm
Coating: white epoxy

Extra info:

The length needs to be 105 cm wide (includes 19 mm for the overlap).

The height of the shade is determined by you, the height you would like the lampshade to be.

See our types lamp shade foil for more info about the foils

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