DIY kit lampshades rectangle 20x40 cm

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Kit consists of:

  • Set of 2 lampshade rectangle frames with legs 20 x 40 cm and straight corners
    • Frame with cross whose fitting depth is 3,5 cm (E27)
    • Open frame
  • Aslan foil white: 1 piece measuring 125 cm on 30 cm
  • 1 tape width 0,9 cm (10m, tranparant, self adhesive and heat-resistant)
  • 1 spatula
  • 10 clothespins
  • A with pictures illustrated manual "how to make rectangle lampshades"

All components above can be ordered separately in our shop.

Ring shape: Rectangle with legs of 20 and 40 cm
Composition: galvanized steel
Application: Rings are applicable for standing as hanging lampshades (turning the rings upside down)
Thickness wire: 3,4 mm
Coating frames: white epoxy
Pictures rectangle shade follow shortly

Extra info:

Please take into account that creating a rectangle lampshade with straight corners is not so easy
as making than a lampshade with rounded corners;
although they are incredible nice looking lamp shades when finished.

Nevertheless, if you follow the manual, you'll succeed in creating a master piece.

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