Pattern french drum lamp shade

starting from € 5,00 / pattern

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Pattern drawn on thick paper.

Price can change depending size and complexity lamp shade

Pattern is drawn based on your measurements; which are:

  • upper diameter
  • bottem diameter
  • Height lamp shade
Do not forget to communicate them in your order (info or textbox last step ordering).

If you are ordering alongside also Aslan foil for the "lampshade in progress", we will check if the ordered piece of foil is big enough to cover the pattern. If this is not the case, we will change your order accordingly and we will communicate this update to you.

Outer Circle: 57,5mm
Inner Circle: 42,5mm
Circle size: 7,5mm thick

Examples developed in this fabric


  • since we draw the pattern by hand, not all combination are do-able (we will do our best)
  • we deliver this service (article) alongside the purchase of the frames needed for this pattern
  • we will charge a honest price for this article taking into account the time needed to draw this (max is 15 euro)

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