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Bulldog clip with magnet and fixed flat back 38mm cover button

€ 6,50 / pc

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  • 1 bulldog clip (with fixed flat back cover button 38 mm)
  • 1 pot magnet, holding power ca. 9kg, screwed on clip
  • 1 shell cover button 38 mm
Please take into account that due to the shape of the article, we can send it only with a package!
but the package can always be filled with other articles of our shop! :-)

Height clip: 57 mm
Color: silver
Size clip: 51 mm
Not included: mal & template 38mm, DIY fabric
Magnet: neodymium


95% same way like you would make a cover button 38mm.
Only difference is that you need only part of the mall (not the pressing device)
You need to press the clip with its flat back into the mall where you have placed your prepared (cut) fabrick until you feel (or hear) a click.

No glue needed here!

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