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Lamp Shade foils - Samples

€ 7,00 / pc

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All foils we offer, cut into 4cm on 7cm pieces, gathered together on a binder key ring.

Width: op 60cm of op 120cm of op 150cm
Color: multi color
Theme: monochrome
Application: for the completion of a lampshade

Extra info

Current number of foils we offer is 15 types.

on one side adhesive

  • Aslanfolie white extra strong
  • ?Aslanfolie transparant
  • Aslanfolie cristal clear
  • Aslanfolie mat gold
  • Aslanfolie shiny gold
  • Aslanfolie shiny silver
  • Aslanfolie doubble adhesive white (both sides adhesive)
  • Aslanfolie metallico copper (shiny)
  • Aslanfolie taupe

Strippable (foil/frabic can be stripped off when needed)
  • Chintz - white pvc - grey
  • Chintz - white pvc - black
  • Chintz - cristal clear pvc - white
Other PVC
  • brown cow - white pvc
  • Taupe pvc foil  

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