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Adjustable nose closure face masks - 8cm for kids

€ 0,30 / 2 pieces

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In order that your home made comfort face mask has a good fit on your face, you can use our "adjustable nose closures".
This nose closure has to be sewed in between the 2 layers of fabric.

Advantages of this item:

  • very easy to sew in 
  • you can bend the item over and over again  to fit on your face without loosing much bending power
  • washable on 60°C

Quantity: 2 pieces
Width: 8 cm
Type: cotton (face masks)
Color: white
Application: especially made for face masks (covid 19)
Size: kids
Washing Instructions 60°

Examples developed in this fabric

Also available are our for creating your home made face mask

Face mask ribbon

  • higth usage comfort (soft wearing behind neck and ears)
  • very soft and easy for tying together
  • washable until 95°C
  • Recycable cotton

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