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Frame Granny style 23/45 cm (coated)

€ 15,00 / pc

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Sewing frame lampshade English Victorian style

  • Shape: Scollop
  • Upper diameter frame:  23 cm 
  • Bottom diameter frame: 44,5 cm (18 inch)
  • Heigth frame: 37 cm
  • No of Struts: 8

Not included but can be ordered separately (also this subcatalogue)
  • Shade carrier -several sizes available (mandatory accessories for standing lampshades)
  • Spider (mandatory accessories for hanging lampshades)

Thickness wire: 3,4 mm
Composition: galvanized steel
Application: Make your fabric lampshades with these scolloped lampshade frames, can be used for standing or hanging purposes.
Coating: white epoxy

Extra info:

The single scollop lampshade is a traditional bell style frame with a flat top.
The scollop refers to the curves at the bottom of the frame
The frame is fitted with a duplex ring to be used with shade carriers and spider fittings to connect to lamp holders.


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