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Lolalilie Webshop

Specialized in lamp shade components & complete kits
and other DIY articles with fabrics.

Yes, we ship all over the world (Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, ...)
If you cannot pay in Euros, you can pay in your own currency using Paypall. Please mention this in your order when you would like to use Paypall (when Euro not possible)

Interested for a lampshade- workshop

You never made one?
Send us a mail with what type you would like and we will organize one when there are enough candidates. You can also reach us directly using our contact page.

We offer not only several formulas (size shades)  for the workshop, we also organise several different workshops (according to types and sizes shades). We are sure one of them is your thing!

Normally they are given in Dutch but we can also do it in English.
Location will be near to the home of Lolalilie (Bruges)

Can't wait?
book a workshop@home or a workshop@request and invite up to 12 friends to join.
Or organize this event yourselves by procurering our complete DIY lampshade kits, there is a very good explaining manual.
Fun for sure!

Some of our favorites

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