Sets of Round lampshade frames ยป Sets of round lampshade frames NOT STANDARD white coated

These set of frames are NOT STANDARD white coated.

The coating is on some places too fine causing the grey colour of the metal (galvanised steel) underneath to shine through which makes the colour of the frame on some areas grey-white and/or the coating is thicker in some places. With use of sandpaper and some abrading (scouring of) the latter can be solved.

Although most of the parts of the rings is worked away in the lamp shade, we can not sell them as standard white coated set of frames.

Besides the colour and/or thickness issue, there is nothing wrong with these sets of frames which have following characteristics:

  • Set is a cross frame and an open frame
  • Fitting depth is between 2,5 cm and 3.5 cm depending diameter frames
  • Colour is mostly epoxy white and here and there grey-white
  • Special price per set and only sold/available as a set

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